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Richard F. Waldraff

Richard F. Waldraff, PLS has been surveying exclusively in eastern Pennsylvania and primarily in the greater Lehigh Valley area for more than 35 years. As such, his knowledge and experience in this region runs deep. As a child he was exposed to the surveying profession when his father, also a surveyor and engineer, would occasionally need someone to hold the other end of the tape or look through the transit. His experience began in the mid 1970’s as summer-help for a local engineering firm during high school and college, and continued on a full-time basis in 1985 as an assistant, rod and instrument man. Circa 1988, he became a field survey crew party chief and in 1996 was put in charge of surveying operations and has been licensed and registered as a Pennsylvania Land Surveyor since April 1997. In 2004 he founded Waldraff Land Surveying. Richard loves being outdoors and derives great satisfaction in the challenge and resolution of a difficult boundary survey and in a job well done. When not surveying he enjoys hiking, backpacking, music and guitars.

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